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Something's cooking, but what?

So if you don't know, I broke a blood oath I sworn years ago about not getting a Twitter account.  Also as mentioned, I only got it because I have a thing for game creator and all around sweetie-pie Shinji Mikami.  So as promised, I've been keeping tabs on his (Japanese) Twitter account.  He doesn't post often, but I do keep up with the things he posts and thankfully Twitter uses translation software, so I know what is being said.  This also comes in handy because the majority of my followers are Japanese, but more on that another time.

So today I saw he had posted a picture from 3 days ago.  Of a spider...  Oh Lord....  But once I calmed down from seeing that picture I noticed something new at the top of his page.  Something that said "List 1".  So I clicked on the list and it took me to a page called "Game_Creators" and it had three people listed as members of this "List".  Suda51, Hideo Kojima, and game music composer, Masafumi Takada.  Now, if you don't know Masafumi Takada did music from God Hand and The Evil Within/ Psycho Break.  Also Suda51 had worked with Shinji on Shadow of the Damned.  And we all are familiar with this picture, which I still don't agree with:

I kinda always thought that this photo was just the beginning of some sort of collaboration.  And after the whole Kojima falling out with Konami deal, I pretty much figured that once his time with Konami was done, Kojima would wonder over to either Tango Studios (which is Shinji's game design studio) or end up over at Platinum Games.  Kojima is very pro-Japan, which is understandable and perfectly fine.  But I know he would want to remain with a Japanese game design studio.  I mean when he made the decision to turn Metal Gear Rising Revengeance over to another game studio because he didn't have the time to work on it.  He decided to keep it in Japan and gave it to Platinum Games.  So it's not a huge shock he would move over to either of the two aforementioned studios.

So with all this having been said, there is something going on.  Suda51, Kojima, Shinji, and Masafumi Takada working on a game....  Man, that has the potential to be either the greatest thing ever or the biggest bomb.  I'm really opposed to cramming too many talented people onto one project.  I think it would be best if each person worked on separate games and then hit the world with something amazing, one game at a time.  Plus, as much as I used to love the Metal Gear Solid series, Kojima really does have a tendency to get hyper long-winded and Suda51's games tend to really creep me out, so I would rather pick and choose with one out of the three game designers games I want to play or at least fawn over.

Well anyways, I think whatever is about to occur, it will be interesting.  Here's a screenshot of what I saw, if you don't have Twitter:

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