aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

I wouldn't go to this if it was the LAST thing on earth to go to!

So I'm minding my own social media business when I see one of my old high school friends added me to the Facebook group, MLK Class of 1996 reunion.  Like...  Ew!!!

For openers, I don't want people to know I went there!  Yeah, yeah I know Eve when there and whatever!  But EWW!!!  And Eve stole my geometry notes!  Don't think for a second I forgot about that!  Apart from that, ewww!!!!  Why would anyone think I would for a second be interested in something like this?!

Like...  Maybe if I was already up in Philly and bored, or in the mood for a laugh, I would go.  Maybe to see who's life ended up in a ditch or whatever; not that my life is exactly a basket of peaches, but I'm sure it's better than most who graduated from there.  I am an accomplished fanfiction author, a staple of my local Lolita community, I'm sure there are some other nice things I can say about myself, but those are the two that stand out for now.  But getting back on track, I wouldn't go out of my way to attend my high school reunion.

I mean, the day I graduated, I vowed never to speak of those 4 years and while I have spoken of them, it's usually as a cautionary tale to people and not as a nostalgic starry eyed memory.

Yes I know what some of you may be thinking, "But Aa-chan you're so clever and funny, it couldn't have been all bad there?"

Ok, well, while I thank you for that sweet comment, believe me when I say that I'm clever and funny IN SPITE OF going to high school there.  And need I remind you all that despite all the hard work Dr. Martin Luther King did to ensure a better future for all people of color, for whatever twisted ironic fate everything his name is associated with sadly ends up a violent mess and my high school was no exception to that ironic fate.  I have no love for that school, grant it, it wasn't all bad all the time.  But still, it was a rough time.

I guess I appreciate being put in the group, but I really doubt I'll attend.

P.S.  EWWW!!!!
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, bwuh, come on now?!, really?!, what?!

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