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The bitter with the sweet...

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but a little while ago, Jose made Dumbass a deal that would end his allimony payments to her three years ahead of schedule by basically buying her off at a $30 thousand dollar lump sum payment.  And like the dumb trash she is, she accepted the deal.

For obvious reasons this was absolute idoiocy on her part.  Basically she as effectively screwed herself out of...  Let's see, she got $3000 dollars a month so that's $36,000 dollars a year then multiply that by 3 years and she...  HOLY SHIT, she screwed herself out of $108,000 thousand?!  That can't be right, let me check the math again.  Goes on to check it four times and yeah, $108,000 thousand dollars over the next 3 years...  Damn.  She really is a dumbass!  F#%k....!  She basically agreed to take like a 27-ish percent payout.  Yo, that's not even close to half, but hey, if she's stupid enough to do this then oh well.  However, in addition to this she agreed to move out of the townhouse she lives in.  All of this so she can try to get on disablitiy and sponge off the government.

Let the record show that I don't mind having government public assistant programs like disablitiy and the like, but what I don't like is garbage like her sponging off of those programs because she's to lazy and trashy to work.  Those programs are for people who need them and she is NOT one of those people.  In fact she does everything in her power to get the maximum payout too.  In fact one of her decisions to take this payout deal was so it can look like she's getting way less money so ultimately she can get more money from disability.  And I know she's going to try to hide all this money she's just gotten...  Ugh, such scum...  But you know what that's ok.  Someday they will find out and if it's one thing you NEVER do is screw with the government and their cash.  She'll end up getting caught and having to owe thousands in back payments.

I said all of that to say this, because she's moving out of the townhouse, she's running back to Georgia with her tail between her legs and pretty much abandoning the boys and I think last night she told them she was moving back to Georgia and won't be seeing them every other weekend anymore after January.  They will pretty much be religated to seeing her for the majority of the summer and any break that's longer than a two days, I.e. Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring break.  While I am a little disheartened by loosing my free weekends with Jose, I am more disgusted by the fact that she's so willing and eager to ditch her children like this, however it does not surprise me that she's doing this.  She's always running around pretending to love and care about them, but any mother worth her salt wouldn't just up and move another state away if she did love her children.

I don't know...  While I am happy to be rid of her nearly once and for all, I don't like the psychological toll it's going to take over the boys, especially when they aren't made of the most strong emotional materials on the planet to start with.  As William has gotten older, he's started to see the cracks in her personality and he's starting to see through her bull shit too (he figured out that she was cheating on Jose when they were still together and it really bothered him), so I'm sure he'll be ok with this decision once he processes it.  It's going to be hardest on Jeremiah.  I'm hoping that with her gone though, Jeremiah will go back to being a decent human being and not the sneaky creep he's been for the last 2 years.  I blame her for the reason why he is the way he is currently, because I know she's been in his ear about all kinds of things.

At least one good thing is going to come out of all of this, with Jose not being beholden to her dumbass anymore, we have really ramped up the whole moving thing and I search has gone beyond Florida.  Jose has started to look at houses in and around the Philadelphia area, as well as some places in Maryland.  I think I would be ok with living in Maryland.  It's a mid-atlantic state, so I would get my seasons back.  I'm roughly about 2 hours drive or train ride away from Philly (which is what I've always wanted).  It would be right in the convention blast zone of Crapsucon, Blotakon, and Anime Usa, which I really miss going to and Jose would be able to commute back and forth to work and not have to be gone all week.  Well that depends on if his current assignment gets extended, he said at best that one could go on until September, but currently he's scheduled to be there until the end of January.

Oh well, the beat goes on...  These next few months are going to be a massive challenge, we'll see what happens...
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