aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

A senpai noticed me...

I know I went on about this on Facebook, but I can't help it, I'm so happy!

A little while ago, I started following David Hayter on Twitter.  His tweets, much like Shinji Mikami's tweets are funny, hence why I started following him too.  But today he posted a story that someone who knew him in his high school days.  The story went that some kid (the "kid" being David Hayter) called out of school for having been stabbed and what was supposed to have happened was during a cermaics class he was taking while studying in Japan, some girl had shanked him with a piece of pottery because he was getting handsy.

So David Hayter came in and corrected her and said what happened was he and the girl in question was a friend of his and during the cermaics class they were doing woodworking and using these curved knives; he was fascinated by the knives and wanted to try one of them out, so while his friend wasn't looking he takes one of the knives and carves a piece out of her sculpture, but then she turns around and tries to stop him and accidentally stabs him in the thigh with one of the other knives.  He said he didn't go home and made it though the rest of the school day with a bloody pant leg.  The girl who stabbed him was upset at what happened and he took him to the nurse.

The story was crazy, so I just laughed while I was reading it and I retweeted it and I said, "I may have laughed at this a little too much."  And after I posted it, I had a thought that none of my senpais will never notice me and I'm ok with that.  I go off and do something and when I come back and look at my phone and I see I have a message from Twitter, so when I look at it, I see that David Hayter liked and favorited my comment!


This was the best thing to happen to me all day... Probably all month and I couldn't be more happy.  Even if it is a little thing.
Tags: bwuh, really?!, twitter nyuz, what?!

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