aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

This weird guy...

I was waiting for Jose and his co-worker at Tachikawa station tonight and I was just sitting quietly listening to music on my phone, when this guy walks past me.  An older man with a scraggly beard and mustache, and he's starting at me...  I mean not just a casual glance, but full on hardcore staring at me.  Normally when I'm in Japan, no one pays me even a second glance.  For the most part people will quickly glance at me and just go about their daily business.  The only time I ever got hard stares like that were from the two little kids when I was on the train in the summer.  But they were kids and had probably never seen an African-American person that wasn't on television, let alone a few feet away from them.  But I was looking at them too, because they were so terribly adorable, with those hats they on!  It was so cute, I couldn't help but stare.

But this was different.  This guy kept staring and at first I saw him and I just blew it off like, well ok, I know I'm kinda obviously different.  Plus I had sparkles near my left eye, I was wearing a white dress, red sweater, and have pink hair.  So you kinda can't miss me!  But then he says something.  I pull my earbuds off to see if I can hear what he's saying, but there's so much hustle and bustle around me that I couldn't hear him.  Plus, duh, I don't speak Japanese that well!  But he's saying something and looking, but I can't hear or understand him, so I just smile and nod.  But he continues to stare and speak, so I continue to smile and nod.  Finally after about a good near minute of this, he starts to walk away, but he's still looking at me.  Finally he disappears into the massive flux of people coming in and out of Tachikawa station.

I will never know what his deal was or why he was so fascinated with me.  I wish I knew what it was all about though.  I hate when weird moments don't have a resolution.
Tags: bwuh, japan, what?!

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