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If I should ever be adventureous enough...

So I screwed over my phone today.  I was watching the news yesterday and they were talking about smart phones getting hacked into, so they suggested that you encrypt the phone or put it into encryption mode.  Oy, talk about the worst decision I EVER made!  Damn.  My poor phone kept shutting off and rebooting...  It was going nuts!  So after taking it to the store (which was a grandiose waste of time), I called tech support and just barely got them to have me do some kind of weird reboot.  The upshot is I got my phone to work.  The downside is I lost EVERYTHING!  Well, mostly everything.  All my music playlists with the exception of two are gone, and I just redid last month after getting a bigger memory card too.  95% of my game I have to begin again, which really blows when it comes to my Angry Birds collection of games.  Man, some of those I had the levels on 100% cleared too.  Another hurt piece was my Japanese cat game Michiri Neko (Stuck together Cat) Dash.  I had just gotten up to 205 gold coins too and was going to purchase the 100 gold coin cat!  Alas it is all gone.

This isn't the main point of my entry.

While I was trying to rebuild the sad remains of my phone, I had to re-imput ringtone designations for people, because those were gone too (at least this is an easy fix unlike the games).  While I was doling out ringtones, I saw that I had kawaii_neko23's address, so I was curious.  I put her address into Google Maps to see how long it would take me to drive to her house from my house.  Given that I don't like to drive highways, it would take two days and four hours to drive to her house from my house.  And...  Uhhh...  Given that I have to go through the deep, deep, deep, deep, DEEP South...  I don't know if I would make that drive alone (or even with someone truth be told).  Right off the cuff they had me going through Alabama, then going through Mississippi, then through Louisiana.  Uh....???  They aren't really places that are known for acceptance of those of a different ethnicity.  I may be wrong, but I don't think I am adventurous enough to dare try.
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