aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Never again.... Never again!

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and I have a very strict anti-Super bowl policy. In fact, I used to watch anime all day during the Stupor Bowl, but I didn't do that this year or last year. I haven't been into anime much these days, so I gave up on the Anime Bowl, but I may bring it back someday.

But last night I watched The Simpsons for a few hours, but I had a bottle of red grapefruit wine which I was drinking, and it was delicious! No matter how delicious it was however, drinking the entire bottle myself was extremely ill-advised.

Normally I get an instant hangover, but this time I had a pretty rough hangover in the morning. Actually I have felt terrible all day. I don't know if I feel this way because of drinking an entire bottle of wine, or if I may have inadvertently amplified the wine cause I was eating watermelon Sour Patch Kids when I was drinking, but it was a terrible life choice. Absolutely this pits and I will never do anything like that again.

And a little epilogue to this, drinking lots and lots of water is the best way to combat a hangover. But seriously, never again.

I do have and interesting food hack. I made homemade salsa and I had mozzarella sticks, when you dip mozzarella sticks in homemade salsa, it opens up a whole new world of flavors. Either that or I was super drunk and that's just drunk food.
Tags: bwuh, dinner

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