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Good luck...

If you didn't know this was coming, I don't know what to tell you, because you should have seen this coming with a 2 foot pole, because it's all I've been talking about all day!  The Evil Within 2!!!  My God!!!  I am wading through the deepest ends of the pool, because I have lost what was left of my mind since I saw that trailer around 12:30 something this morning.  Minus the minor setbacks of my regular life, my fangirl life is bouncing off the walls with news of a new The Evil Within game, so let's get into it.

The trailer begins with an unknown man staring at a monster down a hall, then suddenly the monster approaches him.  Then it quickly cuts to Juli Kidman talking and she straightway says, "Sebastian" so we all know it's The Evil Within 2 and shit is about to go down in the most major way.  So the premise of this game is Sebastian has to go back into the STEM world and find his daughter Lily, whom we all thought had died in a house fire, but apparently she is alive, but possibly lost either in the STEM System or with Mobius.

From the glimmers of what we see and are told, Mobius is still conducting these horrifying experiments on people and in order to save Lily and maybe get his life back, Sebastian is going to have to go back into the nightmare world of STEM.  So hopefully now those six major questions that were left out there will be answered.

Question 1:  What happened to Ruvik?
When we last see Ruvik, he had taken over Leslie and boinked off into the mist and Sebastian was powerless to stop him.

Question 2:  What the hell happened to Joseph?
One of the last times you see Joseph, Juli Kidman had shot him in an attempt to kill Leslie before Ruvik could completely take Leslie over.  However, in Kidman's game when you go into the room where you see everyone is connected to the STEM System, if you hang out in front of Sebastian's, Joseph's, Leslie's, or even her tub, you can hear heartbeats, meaning that person is still alive.  So if Joseph was still alive following getting shot, what happened to him?  The final time you see Joseph is at the tail end of Juli's game and you see two Mobius guys dragging him off, but nothing after that.  And you don't see him at all at the end of Sebastian's game, so there's something that needs closure for sure.

Question 3:  What's up with Myra?
There is so much speculation surrounding Myra.  Some believe that she is brainwashed.  That's a theory I never brought into, because she was the one interviewing Kidman throughout the Kidman DLC and at one point she, Myra, questions Juli about what's going on with Sebastian and she seems reserved/ remorseful about him when she asks the question and replies with "He is...  Known to get emotional.  Just be sure to give him his space.  Respect him, as your superior."  So with that being said, my new theory about Myra is, she specifically set Sebastian up to be captured by Mobius and placed in the STEM as a way to get Lily back, because she knew her daughter was still alive and figured Sebastian would be the only one who could save her in the STEM world.  I also still cling to my original theory that she is also working to bring Mobius down from the inside and she's under deep, deep, deep, deep, DEEP cover.

Question 4:  Can Leslie be saved?
Ruvik took over Leslie's body, so can he be saved or is Leslie as we knew him just gone forever?

Question 5:  What's going on with Juli Kidman and The Administrator?
That was the creepy dude that was always chasing Kidman down.  Before you kill him, he tells you, "I am with you.  I will always be with you now."  What the hell does that mean?  Also Juli has that Mobius gash in her hand?  Is that apart of The Administrator "being with" her?  Is he slowly taking over her like Ruvik took over Leslie?  Lastly, at the end of both games, she says "Leave that one (Meaning Sebastian) and those two (we don't know who those two were).  They're not going anywhere..."  In Sebastian's game the end line is Juli saying "No one can."  But at the end of her game the sinister voice of The Administrator chimes in and says, "No one is!"  Well damn!

And the final question: What has happened to Sebastian?
This is a man who pretty much in one fell swoop lost his child, wife, and best friend to Mobius/ The STEM System.  If something like that happened to me, I'm sure I would pretty much be a basket case too.  Has he stopped drinking to focus all his energy on finding Mobuis?  Or has he gone into a further downward spiral of alcoholism and self-destruction?  From the looks of it, in the three years he's been on this mad quest, he hasn't taken off his wedding band, meaning he hasn't given up on his family.  He wasn't in his normal vest, slacks, half tied neck tie, and dress shirt, so I'm going to go out on a limb and speculate he may have given up his position at KCPD, especially knowing Mobius was in control of parts of KCPD.  Also, his hand is bandaged, why?  It didn't appear to be bandaged when he came back to the real world, so why is it bandaged now?  Maybe he's getting that mark on his hand like Juli has, but I don't know?

Edit: I almost forgot, but at the end of The Evil Within, just as Sebastian staggared out of Beacon, he was still hearing that high pitch squeal of the wireless STEM System. Is that still going on three years later? And if he is still hearing that sound all the time, how is it effecting him?

Needless to say I am super AMP'D for this to come out and it's going to be a long crazy haul until October.  At least this time I'm not getting married and don't have a wedding to distract me from my fangirl craziness!  I am also very happy that I don't have to wait until next year to find out what's going on, because I don't think I would make it.  I'm barely going to make it to October as it is!  And kudos to super sweet and adorable Shinji Mikami for managing to keep this under wraps until now.  That must have been a herculean task to keep that a secret for so long.  I mean the game is nearly complete and there was no news at all until a few months ago and even that was mostly speculation, that seems damn near impossible with all the leaks and stuff that go around.

But either way, let the madness begin!  Fair warning, I'm going to be rather obnoxious about this for at least the rest of the year, possibly into next year, so just to let you know what you're getting into now.
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