aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Random thoughts

So, I'm laying in bed earlier not really feeling great, but I had a pretty random thought. If I had to refer to myself with a gender neutral pronoun what would I use? And for me that's easy, it would hands down be either youse or y'all.

I would like to state that I am in no way making light or fun of this subject. I'm sure this is a topic that people are struggling with when they are trying to understand what gender means to them and what, if any, gender they want to be labeled as. As having identified and accepted myself as cisgender, I don't know what someone who does not identify with their assigned gender goes though, I can only imagine it must be difficult.

However, if I absolutely had no other choice, but to refer to myself using a gender neutral pronoun, I am in love with "youse" and "y'all". "Y'all" probably a little more than "youse", because I use "y'all" way more than "youse".

"Come on now y'all!"
"Y'all need to stop."
"Alright y'all."

Those are some of my signature phases, regardless of how many people I am referring to when I say y'all. In general, y'all is supposed to be used in reference to possibly two or more people, as in you all (y'all, you all- get it); but in my world it could and has meant one person or more. Hence why I wouldn't mind being gender neutrally referred to as "y'all" or "youse".

Same thing goes for "youse". Although the use of youse (oh my God... I don't know what to say about that previous statement), is a little awkward sometimes. But I think more or less it's the same premise as y'all.
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