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Not a very nice place...

It's been awhile since I wrote about The Evil Within, so let's get into it.

So I write articles for Twitter/ Word Press for the newspaper in the game The Evil Within for fun.  Actually I'll be giving it up once the new game comes out, but I may pick it back up later, I haven't decided.  But when the new game comes out I will be stopping the Krimson Post for a little while.

However, in writing Krimson Post articles there is one over arching theme I can't shake and that is Krimson City is a hot mess!  It's leaps and bounds WORSE than Raccoon City and I'm talking after the outbreak occurred in Raccoon City (probably even when the bomb touched down).  I don't really see how anyone could want to live there.  There were at least two serial murderers roaming around (I'm looking at you Ruvik and Stefano) and the mystery of people randomly disappearing/ Mobius abducting people.  None of these things were solved by the police. Way to go KCPD!  Fictional people's hard earned tax dollars hard at work!  Then there were the really random occurrences like the lawnmower that killed a woman (My very first Krimson Post story by the way), the peeping Tom incident, the senator fined for double parking, and the phone lines were having weird issues.

Add to that, all the social problems in and around Krimson City, like riots in the suburbs, the city was trying to impose a "grave tax", the waste management workers went on strike, unemployment in Krimson City was over 8%, the smog in the city was getting worse, there was a problem with gangs taking over a park, and the citizen of Krimson City were losing confidence in their police force.  I mean when five members of the police force go missing (and three of them are detectives!) can you blame them for questioning the ability/ competency of their police force?

It seems crazy that one small city had such crazy problems!  Geez!  Well one thing is certain, when it comes to video game cities I would like to call home, Krimson City, really isn't one of them.
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