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She's outta here!

The storm has passed and I'm happy that our house is still standing, well minus a piece of something called flashing fell off, but Jose said it should be an easy fix and under warranty. But our house is still standing and everyone inside is well. Even Shyla did well. I would have sworn she was going to flip out, but she was solid as a rock through the storm.

Our power cut out around 6 this morning and we still don't have it back yet. I'm hoping they can get it back before nightfall. I really don't want to spend the night in total darkness.

I am very grateful this is over and next time there is a storm, I know to be better prepared, because all the flashlights were sold out as well as all the batteries. Our solar phone charger didn't work and neither did our led camping lanterns. Those are things that should have been checked earlier in the week not a few days/ the day before/ the day of the storm. I'm not so much concerned about water, because we stockpiled a lot of it beforehand. Plus froze a lot in the two deep freezers.

The sun is out and I think the winds have died down considerably. So things here are as normal as they can be. Let's just hope TECO (our power company) can get the electricity flowing again, and soon!

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