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Super Pissed!

35 hours! It's been 35 fucking hours since we last had power! I could understand if we live in a place that was really hit hard by the storm. A place where there were downed power lines everywhere, tons of old trees fell, and everwhere you looked was damage city. But no! The trees that fell are mostly saplings, although I did see one or two older trees down. Two, all of our power lines are underground and there was no lightening that hit a transformer. And lastly all the damage I saw was cosmetic stuff, like a handful of fences were down and not even one pool cage was damaged.

So what the fuck TECO?!?!

According to Jose, this happened because there is one power line, FUCKING ONE POWER LINE down at the substation we draw power from. That's what he saw when he went past there earlier today. And, conveniently, no one was around to fix it. Bravo TECO, fucking bravo!!!

Nearly two fucking days with no power because someone hasn't gotten their shit together to fix ONE POWER LINE?!?!?!?!? And now I'm hearing it can be anywhere from 3 to fucking 10 days before they can restore power.

If this happened in Philly when it is perpetually 100,000° degrees all the time I wouldn't care. But it's on fire here. The only good thing is the humidity isn't ultra high right now, but who knows how long that's going to last. There is no reason it should take 2+ days to fix ONE fucking power line!

Ever since this whole storm thing began, I have been asking Jose why we continue to live here, because I haven't been amused since I moved here and continue to be unamused.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, florida living, frustration

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