aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Please pardon my crass post

But fuck you trailer trash cunts with a clappy rusty dildoe!

Apparently Dumb ass's ugly trashy classless piece of shit sister is opening her rotten garbage clap havin' mouth and spreading rumors that Jose and I are getting divorced.

Cunt you fucking wish we were getting divorced.

You know for a pack of cunts who can't stand me, they certainly presume to know me. So how about this, how about you wastes of human life need to stop spreading roumors and worry about the myriad of STI's you are spreading.

Leave me alone and my name out of your disgusting mouth and fuck off you nasty piece of sow excrement!
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, donna the pyscho, hiefer/ bitch please!, really?!

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