aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Operatic Redo Remix

So here we are at age 40 and I have finally made a major life choice and that is i want to start seriously pursue a career in opera.

So a few things happened. I realized that I can still make a go of it, even at my age. Mr. Leopold, my music teacher, says there may be some roadblocks because of my age, but more or less it's not a dream that's dead in the water. Plus he tells me all the time that i have a very good voice and if most of the competitions didn't have age restrictions, he would make me compete in them. He also said because I don't look or sound my age, that may be sn advantage, but I won't rely on that too much.

With all this being said, in a little under a month from now, I will be participating in the Summer Opera Institute in Orlando. I'm hoping to get a better handle on my pretty debilitating stage fright and learn how to audition better; two things I'm severely lacking right now.

My goal is to make some good contacts, audition and get in with one of the local opera companies, and finally, get into one of the major European summer opera programs next summer. I'm sure that would be quite the resume booster.

There are three programs I'm interested in; this one, which Mr. Leopold says has an excellent reputation and the people who have performed in this summer program have gone on to do amazing things. Then there is this one, which is also in Italy, but I don't know much about it. And this one in Austria which they have classes which would be super beneficial for me. The last two don't have age limits, I'm not sure about the first program.

Either way, I'm pretty excited and confident that going to Orlando is the right stepping stone for a career as an opera singer.
Tags: aa-chan the musician, aa-chan the opera singer, bwuh, go for it aa-chan!

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