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Well, that escalated my ire rather quickly!

So yeah, I'm going to piss off an entire generation of people in a bit, and again I'm not going to hide behind, "Oh it's my LJ I can say what I want" or "this is just my opinion" because that's a given. I'm saying this because I think it's important for the group of people who followed my tiny micro-generation to get a clearer picture than what they have currently. With that let the pissing off commence!

So on my Facebook dash, I saw this lovely little gem:

Then to add insult to injury, I read the comments section and for the most part, a lot of people, even the younger crowd admitted that it's not unreasonable to pay for you cellphone, food, gas, or money, be it rent or otherwise, to help out. That was heartening to see.

Conversely, there is this one chick whose responses left me wanting to flip a table in the hopes that it would crush her. Here are two of her responses:

Oh my fucking God...! Wow!

Ok, where to begin on this subject?

Well, let's start with this... I'm not on of those people who run around blaming millennials for everything wrong in this country. Honestly, if they're a mess, it's because they were allowed to be that way by the adults who raised them.

They were repeatedly coddled/ over-protected both physically and mentally since birth. Overly padded play spaces, toys that if they caused a minor scratch was immediately taken off the market. And let us not forget the phenomenon of "everybody gets a trophy!", because we can't have children sad that they didn't get an award. We can't have children feeling left out or excluded. Then to add insult to injury they were handed all this technology and stripped of the ability to imagine.

They are a mess by design. The product of the "Me Generation" having spoiled, overindulged, and overly coddled, emotionally stunted children. So when those kids come of age is it any wonder they are grossly ill-prepared for the cruelties and disillusionment of adulthood?

Also, it doesn't help that their game is harder to play then the generations before them. Lack of viable and/ or stable employment. If you are fortunate enough to land a position, you don't have or have limited benefits, and in a lot of cases you don't earn a salary that can support an independent lifestyle. Add to this mix crushing student debt, and an inability to cope... It makes a recipe for disaster.

In a lot of ways I feel bad for the millennial generation. They get a lot of shit for stuff that's not necessarily their fault. And they don't get credit for coming up the all the creative ways they are inventing to stay productive and happy.

With all that being said, let's get into the flipside of this and dive deep into the whole "it's parents job to take care of their children for life". Short answer no, it's not.

Legally parental obligations end at 18 years of age (or once someone graduates from high school). Having children isn't a lifelong binding contract to care for that child until death. I mean unless that child has some form of serious disability and they need someone else to care for their needs because they are physically incapable of doing it themselves. But, if you are an adult capable of caring for yourself, then again short answer is no.

But instead of just saying no, here's the reason why the short answer is no. Your parents are going to die someday, may not be soon, but it will happen. If you can't get your shit together enough to be somewhat independent, you're not going to survive long once they do go.

Here's the thing a lot of people don't get about being a parent. Your parents are supposed to prepare you for adulthood. They are supposed to give you all the tools you need to survive without them, in the event that you'll have to do that sooner or later. It's been that way for a long time, batons get passed down and people keep it moving.

However, this weird idea that, "it's your fault I exist so you should take care of me until you die" is fucking ridiculous! I lived at home until I was 33. I worked, paid for my own cellphone, internet, clothes, entertainment, food, and transpass (I didn't drive in those days). Oh I also would cook, clean, do my own laundry, and occasionally shoveled the driveway for my parents. I didn't pay rent because I did a lot of stuff on my own and I didn't cause them vexation. I also contributed to the running of my parents house in little ways. I didn't work, spend my money on myself and expect them to do all that other stuff for me.

It's not your parents duty to be your cooking and cleaning service until they die. If you are going to live with them the very least you can do is be respectful of their home, the home you grew up in. I'm fairly certain they didn't expect you would be living with them until you were in your 40's. They probably expected you to be out by at least 30 or so. Imagine how they are feeling or the awkward position they are in and stop thinking about yourself and how boo-fucking-hoo, I was born, grew up, and now I have to be responsible, but I wasn't asked, or consulted, or even consented to becoming a responsible adult! Oh the fucking indignity of it all!

That kind of selfish scapegoating thinking pisses me off so much. You only care about yourself and lord forbid you actually took responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof) and failures. Yes the job market is nearly impossible, yes your game is fixed, yes the amount of debt you're in is staggering, but you shouldn't be making your parents shoulder all the blame for it! They're doing the best they can with the raw deal (the raw deal being these ungrateful twats) they were given. The least you can do if you're still living at home is not annoy your parents with selfish entitled bullshit like this!

Also think of the millions of 18 year olds who, either on their 18th birthday or the day they graduated from high school were immediately given the boot by their parents. They had to forge their own way with no financial or moral support, but the ones who live at home and get testy about having to fork over money or help out around the house whine, complain, and carry on like the petulant assholes they are. Give me a fucking break!

You wanna live like a slob then get your own place. If you can't afford it, find a communal space you can rent so you can live by your own rules. Yeah your parents had you and yeah you didn't ask to exist, but your bitch ass is here now, and at some point, like it or not you have to be responsible for your own shit!
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