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Musings on The Relationship Part 3

I nearly forgot.  I found a blueprint of what I think Wesker's house would look like, except for in the space listed as GMD, would be where his indoor swimming pool would be and the downstairs guest room would be his gym. Try to keep this design in mind when reading any of my stories where Wesker still lives in Arklay County.  Some fun facts about my vision of Wesker's home; Wesker's house at 1470 Madame Curie Lane is the only house in the cul-du-sac.  His nearest neighbors live about a mile away.  The backyard of his house leads to a private nature trail which dead ends at a private lake which he is the sole owner of.

I also forgot I found something that I thought would resemble the house Wesker found for the Annika and the Vasnev's too.

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