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So... About Yesterday US....

Last year, I held my tongue when it came to politics in my home country. Since the mild popularity boost I got in June, I figured it was safer to keep all opinions of politics to myself/ to those who know me, because my views could be considered extreme. I said I would vote on election day and let it go at that, which is what I did. I was silent, probably when I should not have been. Insidious shit always happens when rational people don't speak out. So the time to be silent is over and while it may not be the safest thing to do, I'm going to publicly put the state of affairs on complete blast and call out everyone who helped stir the pot of this fucked up situation.

So, if you don’t want to hear any of this, which I can't say I blame you, because I shouldn't have to go there, but hey, now is not the time to hush up. It's well past the time to speak out. But if you don’t want to hear this brutal hot take, please feel free to walk away from this entry, because it will be a door.

I'll give you another moment to go...

Are you gone yet???

Ok good.

So... About yesterday's shit show:

To bring people up to speed. For the better part of a year, the bigoted sentient hemroid that is the (mercifully) outgoing president had been amping up his clinically brain-dead base by telling them if he somehow loses the election, it was rigged. And being the clinically brain-dead gaggle of zombified lemmings they are, they brought into the rhetoric hook, line, and sinker.

Never-fucking-mind this sentient hemroid had mentally checked out of his job about 9 months after taking office (9 months is generous on my part, because I truly believe he checked out 6 months in). Never-fucking-mind he is completely indolent and 100% inept as well as incompetent at the job. I remember very early on in his presidency, a story came out that unless he was somehow mentioned, he wouldn't look at his daily briefings, but what-the fuck-ever. He was desperate to cling to power, so cue the continued amping up the clinically brain-dead zombified lemming patrol.

And so it went for months and months, until election day. Which lasted for weeks. Finally the results came out and he lost. But unlike semi-normal people who lose and are gracious in their loss, the sentient hemroid continued to whine and complain about non-existent cheating, as well as amplifying the fevered noise to his gaggle of clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings.

So fast forward past countless pointless lawsuits, pandering inane emotional support "rallies", and lazy strong-arm thinly veiled threats to swing state attorney generals, all of which did nothing but waste time, taxpayer money, and fanaticize the clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings to an over boiling point, we come to yesterday.

It was bad and stupid enough that some of the Republican people in congress were going to "object" to the incoming administration, even though there were multiple recounts and (again) multiple failed lawsuits, and a couple of fake "congressional hearings" thrown in for good measure. Those things were bad and stupid enough, but the continued stoking the flames of the truly stupidest among us, happened even up to the point where all that had to be done was finalize the election results.

BUT FUCKING NOOOOOO! The clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings were so riled up that they stormed the Capital building, even breaching the floor of the senate from what I understand. Ugh... I don't want to go super deep into this, but in all honesty the whole fucked up display was and is nauseating and rage inducing.

Now that you're all caught up let's get into who's to blame for this and there is plenty of blame to go around. But let's start with the lowest hanging fruit first, the sentient hemroid in cheif.

Earlier in this entry I said, "For the better part of a year, the bigoted sentient hemroid that is the outgoing president had been amping up his clinically brain-dead base by telling them if he somehow loses the election, it was rigged". That statement isn't exactly true, because the truth is since this whole fucking fiasco started back in 2016, he's been saying that if he looses the system is rigged and his precious clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings brought into the easily debunkable bullshit. The only thing that has happened over the last year was the noise cranked up from 11 to 11,000. Between the sentient hemroid and conservative media, and the endless echo chamber of social media, there was nowhere else for the clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings to go except for careening over the edge. See, the thing about clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings is they can't think for themselves (nor do they want to think for themselves) and constantly need reaffirming of their disgusting and toxic belief systems.

However, the sentient hemroid and his merry gaggle of clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings (and when I say clinically brain-dead zombified lemmings I'm including all "conservative media" in this too both regular media and the social kind) is they are the lowest hanging fruit. The easiest to pick on and make fun of because they are so idiotic and wreckless. Their insanity is easy to point out because it is so blaringly obvious. Nothing they do is surprising, it's just the inevitably of being completely submerged in a bottomless sea of bullshit, lies, and abject fuckery. But that's the life you get when you adamantly refuse to think for yourself.

No, the true villans of this story are those in the Republican party who allowed this to go on too long.

I, for one, have never been interested in the Republican party. I know they never have anyone's, let alone my best interests at heart. I'm not in their tax bracket, I'm not a member of their snotty country/ yatch club, and I'm certainly not a white male, so they have nothing and want nothing to do with me. That's fine, I feel the exact same with with you all. But even if I had a passing interest in being a Republican, I still couldn't do it because they have no ideology to speak of. Oh I'm sure once upon a time they did, but the modern day Republican party doesn't stand for anything other than suppression and domination of the poor, people of color, and women. Also the elevation of only the wealthiest people in the country and lastly absolute power by any and every shady, slimy, and underhanded means necessary. That kind of platform is disgusting and I would say they should be ashamed of themselves, but shame isn't a word found in the Republican lexicon. Oh, not unless it's directed towards women who are contemplating on birth control or God forbid terminating an unplanned pregnancy. Then shame is heavily used, but I digress.

Every spineless Republican who said and did nothing when the sentient hemroid said that tiki torch racists were "very fine" people, you are to blame! When that very same sentient hemroid begged for foreign interference in the upcoming election and you sat on your hands and still did and said nothing, you ARE to blame! When you had a genuine opportunity to remove this lazy ass tyrant, you proclaimed, "well he's learned his lesson now." You ARE the blame! When it came to light that Russia were targeting American soldiers (you know the ones you constantly use as disposable props for your reelection campaigns, then discard like yesterday's used napkin once you win, those soldiers) to be murdered and the sentient hemroid said and did nothing, so you all took that as a cue to follow suit? You ARE the blame! Or that time the sentient hemroid gassed actual peaceful demonstrators so he could clunkily hold a Bible upside down for some dumbass half-ass pointless ass photo op, you still did and said nothing, you ARE to blame! When the results of his failed reelection came back and he was whining and crying like a little bitch, you could have grown an actual human spine, but no, you allowed that shit show to take place and when it all failed and you had no choice but to acknowledge reality, you STILL did NOTHING but coddle and enable all his bullshit and now that you've had to flee with your lives and had actual fucked up scary things happen, oh now it's a fucking problem!

The problem has been you all! From the door you allowed someone who you had zero respect for to run for a job he had no earthly clue how to do, probably in the hopes he wouldn't win, but when he did win, you honestly thought you would be able to control him. Here's a hot fucking newsflash that I'm sure even you all have figured out by now, YOU CAN'T CONTROL A RABID GORILLA!

Gorillas are going to gorilla, that's all they can do. Sure, you may get them to perform some basic tasks, but that doesn't mean you trust them with a loaded gun. Well, you not only gave a gorilla a gun, but gave it a fully automatic bumpstock having gun with an unlimited supply of ammo and unlimited access to other mindless gun having gorillas, but that's pretty much on brand for the Republican party. Every white man, woman, child, dog, and gorilla has a 2nd amendment right to a gun, but again I digress. So now that actual terrible things have happened, you now need to be held accountable for giving this gorilla the gun that destroyed everything.

So the question, where do we go from here on out?

I don't fucking know?! I know what I would like to see, but it's kinda on the extreme side, so I'll keep it to myself. However, I know what I, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people would like to see something done about this situation, but I know the Democrats. They are far too quick to play nice in a show of compassion and diplomacy. But in this instance, fuck compassion and diplomacy! People need to understand that negative actions have equally negative consequences! If you let these ass weasels off with a warning or slap on the wrist, it's only going to get worse next time and there may not be a bounce back next time. You can't play nice with monsters. Monsters aren't nice, because if they were, they wouldn't be monsters!!! It's far past happy nice playtime, it's time to crackdown and crackdown hard!

Once the new president and congress has been sworn in, there needs to be a massive overhaul of our antiquated election system. All members of congress need to have term limits placed on them. The two party system needs to be abolished and take that dumbass electoral college fuckery with you as well. Lobbying or what it should be really called, Broad Daylight Political Bribery also needs to go. How can you service the constituents who voted for you, when you are regularly lapping up the pre-cum (and regular cum) of the people over the counter paying to do their bidding and not the bidding of the people? How the fuck does that work?! That's right, it doesn't work! The Supreme Court needs to have politically neutral members only, none of this conservative/ liberal justice bullshit. It should be judges who can be completely impartial and not have personal or political agendas they feel obligated to serve. It should be the best or at least the most impartial answer for that particular case. Justice needs to be carried out for all those who enabled and perpetuated this nonsense to go on in the first place. With the harshest punishments and penalties for the very sentient hemroid/ gun having gorilla who greenlit it.

I know some of these wishes are a pipe dream, but the 1st one and the last two are ones that require the most attention, and quickly.

I swear, you all are making it hard to be an American in a foreign country right now! And I'm already plagued with feelings of inadequacy right now. Shit like yesterday do not help. Come on US, do better and get your shit together!!!
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