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Just checking in...

I really don't have much going on these days.  It's been pretty quiet since the whole Lolita situation and as per usual, the political situation back home is a fucking fiasco.

Big Sigh...

You know...  I'm fairly certain that these spineless Republicans think that by acquitting that self-indulgent sack of rat excrement they "Saved America", but please, you did it because the mantra is "Protect our own at every cost!"  Just fucking say it!  I can put it with honesty way more than the disingenuous fuckery you all keep spouting.  So, I don't ever want to hear about being the party of "Law and Order".  I don't want to hear about "Protecting the Constitution" and I definitely don't EVER again want to hear about "Personal Responsibility" and/ or how "Blue Lives Matter", because it is crystal clear to me that you don't mean any of those platitudes you constantly throw out.  You just care about power and it doesn't matter who or what (up to and including Democracy) so long as that power is retained.  As I have always suspected, but now have completely confirmed, you are completely full of shit!  Fuck them!

Moving on...

Well...  Actually there isn't anything really to move on to, so I guess I'm going to boink off. Until next month.
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