aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Well this isn't fun!

Yesterday I got my 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and this one has hit me like a sack of bricks!

Yeah I have a super achy right arm, but this time I have intermittent fevers, no real appetite (which is probably a good thing), body aches, a really weird mild headache, and I've slept a good portion of the day.

I just took my temperature a little while ago and it said 99.8 it was 99.9 a few hours ago, but I took some Tylenol and it helped at lot, but that was awhile ago and it must have worn off. I'm wanting to take some more, but it about 9:15 and I'll be going to bed soon.

Side Note: The sun is just going down. This is going to screw with my brain something terrible. The sun stays out for hours here (on days where it's actually sunny) and while sunset in Florida is later in the evening too, it's not light for this long until July or so, not in May.

But I'll hang in there with this awful fever until around 10, then I'll take some Tylenol PM and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to normal.

I honestly thought I would be ok after getting my 2nd shot since the first shot, I was a little tired and nauseous, but damn, this 2nd does is kicking my ass.

Oh well, I'll deal since the alternative was way WAY worse.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, help me i'm sick!, really?!

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