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Just Another Boring Roasty Day

Babysitting went well yesterday. There were no scenes of horror, well minus the shirt not coming off, but everything else went fine. There was no bloodshed, a minimal amount of tears, no floods, or fires, thank goodness. So really the day went well.

Today however is so boring and roasty. I think it's supposed to go up to something like 92 or so today. Why?! Don't you people hear my lament every year on why I can't stand the heat. Every late spring, early summer, though the summer and the beginning half of fall, I have to go though this crap with it being a billion degrees outside. I swear one day I'm going to move somewhere where it doesn't get all roasty during the summer. Either that or I'll have my summer home be in the North Pole or something. Move over Santa, you'll have a new next-door neighbor. Don't I have a crush on Santa Clause anyway?!

Well it won't be too boring today. Today is the day that J'aime comes back permanently. Wai!!!! I'm so happy to have her back. Life without her sometimes is boring. If it wasn't for her and Moe-chan I wouldn't have anyone to talk to. I mean I could talk to Kristin, but come on, we're so at odds with each other anymore. And every time we talk I swear I can feel her judging me. However with J'aime back everything can go back to the way it was pre-Delaware, pre-Pittsburgh, and pre-Anchorage... Wow, almost even pre-Moe-chan and Kristin not talking.

Notice I said almost. Kristin has gotten to be this big old hairy snob lately. Plus all the lying she does these days is getting to be a real pain in the ass. So I don't know if we could ever completely go back to being the way it use to be completely, but it will be close enough for me.

Wah! I haven't heard from my mini-sponsor since Monday, so now I don't know if J'aime and I will be going to Anime Next next weekend. I swear I will go to a convention some time in the year 2004. There are many cons left in the year, plus this convention in New York in November that even Moe-chan and her fiancée are coming with J'aime and I too, but I don't wanna have to wait that long. I wanna go to a con now! Or at least next weekend.

Besides, if we don't go to Anime Next, we will have blown our chance to do a Trinity Blood cosplay, because I heard they were going to do a big Trinity Blood cosplay gathering at Anime Expo this year. So it's either Anime Next or never. Shit this really bites the big one.


I'm really tired today. I went to bed a little after eleven last night, mostly because I was exhausted yesterday and the Simpsons episode they showed wasn't all that great. And if I had known that in advance I would have went to be at 9:30 like I'd started to. But I guess it was for the best. Who knows what kinda mayhem would have ensued if I went to bed that early.


Today I went online and turned in some job applications and a few resumes. To be honest there was this thing for people who would like to work on cruise ships, I wouldn't mind doing that to be truthful, but it was a recruiter thing and it cost $40 bucks to do. It sounded fun and interesting, but they say if it cost money to be a part of, then be leery of it. Besides I'm sure if I really wanted to be apart of that, I could just go on any website for a cruise company and they'll have employment opportunities listed that I could apply to for free. Free is my kinda word. However, I turned in several, but I know my luck I won't hear from anyone.

See this is why I'm really having problems with whole Bush Administration thing. They keep feeding us this crap about how we need to support the fight in Iraq but at the same time, my black ass can't find a decent job. And they'll say, oh companies are hiring. Where? In India perhaps. They take jobs from the citizen of this country and give it to other countries and give it a fancy name like Out-sourcing and expect people to be all happy about it?! Disgusting!!!

But let me stop with that rant right now. Because I can feel an even deeper rant welling inside me. And because this country is a hop, skip, and a jump from being Nazi Germany, where even the slight thing said against good ole Bush and company could land me in serious trouble with the feds. Although, if they wanna spy on me, they can waste time and taxpayer money, cause all they'll find is a woman who is a dork and in serious debt. So let me cut it out right now.

Oh God, I'm sweating like a racehorse. Which didn't I tell yall that that damn Smarty Jones was going to loose (not that this rant is a few days late, but you know). It's the curse of Philly and it always, ALWAYS happens. We'll get up to the final round or damn close to the finals and then blow it all! I've seen it happen so many times. It's something about this city that makes stuff like that happen. I have no idea what it is.

Ah that breeze feels really really good. Mom and dad haven't put the air conditioner in their bedroom window yet. Mine never comes out of my window. Only for the sheer purpose that one, I love to get the most out of my a/c and two, I didn't wanna run the chance of them using it behind my back while I wasn't living here. I swear if I ever catch them using my air condition they owe me $245.11 which is exactly how much I paid for it four years ago. Wow, I can't believe my air condition is 4 years old. It seems like only yesterday I went and brought it. Wow four years ago.... Sigh....

Memories light the corner of my mind... Misty beer stained colored memories... Of the way we were... Cough, let me stop before I have to pay for the use of that song.

Woo-hoo: Wai J'aime's coming back today! I'm so happy!

Barf: It's hot!

Current Song: Big Life's Cry from the Street Fighter 2 Movie
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