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If I've said it once, I've said it a million times

Fuck work!

That bitch from the state came back today. Now grant it, things weren't nearly as chaotic as they were a few months ago when she was here. I had my shit together this time, but it's just the fact that everyone had to go though the stress and strain of having to bend over backward for that craggy old bitch.

And she had the audacity to fucking "shush" me today too! Oh hell no! Not when I'm on the phone trying to get the information that you need. It's not like I'm on the phone playing with myself. I had to call our contracted Physical Therapy company, Rehab Solutions Inc., and make sure they get all the back paper work that she would possibly need and she has the nerve to shush me.

Then give me some half assed apology coupled with a compliment like twenty minutes later. Don't patronize me lady. Its bad enough I have to deal with the shit that you have to offer, then you tell me what to do and you don't even work here, and then have the nerve to give me some half assed apology... Bite me.

The only good thing I can say is I did have my shit together. Last time she caught us totally unprepared, this time was ready for her. Those damn "Home Health Aide Supervisory" notes, when I get them I always photocopy them and put them in a folder in my desk. Something I thought to do after the last tango through hell. So they were looking for a few of the supervisory visit notes and I had the copies in my desk.

So I don't wanna hear the bullshit from Joann tomorrow. I did my job today. Oh she was getting on my nerves today too.

Check this out....

Okay, I felt myself getting ready to go right into meltdown mode; so instead of loosing it again in the office, I left for like 15-20 minutes. So while I was out, Joann (my boss) calls up from the Baltimore office and according to Stacey starts cursing a blue streak to her over the phone about getting all the paperwork from RSI and having all their supervisory visits in. She said she was dropping f-bombs like it was going out of style.

Side Note:

Oh, I see it's perfectly acceptable when the boss does it, but when I do it I'm in the wrong.... I see... I'll remember that in the future...

But anyway, Stacey handled the problem and everything was peachy (or as near as it was going to get) by the time I came back upstairs.

Then, this afternoon while I was on telephone duty she calls up again from the Baltimore office and asks to speak to Kathy, so she could yell at her. But Kathy was on her line, but I did overhead page it. But she was taking to long to pick up, so Joann got bounced into Kathy's voicemail (something that happens when you don't pick up the line fast enough). So Joann calls back and gives me attitude saying, "I wanna speak to Kathy, I don't wanna go into her voicemail either!" I just said okay, and over headed the call again asking her to please pick up.

It's like, bitch! I don't wanna work for you or this craptacular company, but I don't have a choice. Just chill out and shut the hell up for like ten seconds and I'll give you Kathy, damn!

Oh I'm not dealing with the bull tomorrow. I will not be made to feel inadequate or guilty for whatever we get tagged for this time. I did my job and quite efficiently this time too. Those dumb ass supervisory notes were requested and given to that old bag from the state. So she can take them and shove them up her wrinkled ass for all I care. My work is complete and this time without flaw.

But I'm not in the mood for the claptrap tomorrow. I'm going to go in tomorrow and do what I'm supposed to do. Everyone else can kiss my natural black ass!
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