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My company, which is supposedly supposed to be a "Caring, Compassionate, (and I think) Excellent" company. Or these are the supposed to be the traits all happy Bayada employees, not just the nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and home health aide, but ALL Bayada employees are supposed to follow. In fact, that "care, compassionate, and excellence" bit is supposed to be preached to all of us by the Fabulous Mark himself. Apparently he and Mrs. Fabulous are going to get an RV paint the company log on it and go to every last office teaching everyone about, quote, "The Bayada Way".

Side Note:

This company is reminding me more and more of Umbrella by the day...

However, for all this "caring and compassion", didn't they just this week attempt make some half assed donation to the flood victims?! Oh, via you send in a donation (though the company mind you) and they will match each dollar you send in. They should have been some of the first ones to do something. Maybe even had some nurses go out there and see if they could help or something. Even the Fabulous Mark and his wife (the Nurse!) could have gone down to see if they could help out. I think someone at work says the Fabulous Mark is worth about $6 million bucks... So you know he could take some time out to go down and help out. Missing a few weeks at the office and the Bayada Regatta wouldn't have mattered. Man, Kawaii_neko23's company did something before we even started talking about doing anything.   

But this thing that I'm about to share with you all takes the cake of all cakes. I am about the type (verbatim) what was in this week’s addition to our weekly company newsletter. Just check this one out:

Prayer Requested by Baiada Family for Families Affected by Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has devastated New Orleans and has changed the live of so very many people. Our family needs prayer, too. As you may know, two of our daughters live in New Orleans. Kelli, who is an attorney, and who was just married to Walt not quite two years ago, has lost her home. It is submerged in water, along with their two cars and all of their possessions. Our youngest daughter, Christin, was about to start her senior year in college at Tulane University, which is not possible. We are scrambling to find her another school to attend. Most of her clothing and possessions are also down in New Orleans, and we have no way of knowing of they are safe, ruined, stolen, ect.

This has been a very tough time for Mark (and yes his name was typed in bold) and I, and our family. Please keep Kelli, Walt, and Christin-and all of the victims of Hurricane Katrina-in your thoughts and prayers.

Pardon the hell outta me if I don't just bust out crying for you all, but I'm sure their house and two cars are probably insured, but there are thousands of people who probably didn't have insurance of any kind? And as for your other child, I'm certain that she'll be able to replace whatever Gucci, Prada, or whatever designer stuff was lost or looted.

And I'm not so heartless as to say that what they're going though isn't sad, but please. There are people who have it far worse. There are people who aren't related to someone mega rich who have nothing and no chance of ever recouping the losses from this. And I don’t mean not just the financial losses, but physical and mental losses as well.

Oh get wit me!!!

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