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A fanfiction

Sorry about doing this, but for some reason I started writing some Metal Gear fanfiction at work this morning instead of doing a regular diary entry.  However, I don't wanna save my work here in this dump so I'm going to post it right here, so I can cut and paste it later on.  Sorry about this and feel free to read it if you want.

Happy Birthday David

           David stepped out of the bathroom, dripping wet from his recent shower. Taking a quick glance at the clock that hung from the wall, David grumbled. He was going to be late. Hal had left him several messages remind him that tonight was the night of the big meeting, but he never said exactly what meeting it was about. Philanthropy was finished and had been since shortly after the Big Shell incident. After Hal discovered it was Patriot money funding their anti-Metal Gear activities they had no choice but to shut Philanthropy down.

           These were some sad and difficult times for both him and Hal. With Philanthropy disbanded there was a definite lack of things to do. There hadn’t been any serious Metal Gear activity anywhere in the year and a half since The Big Shell. Hal tried valiantly to find out what he could about the names of the members of the Patriot Wiseman’s Committee, but what use would that have? If they were all, dead and have been dead for a century what good would finding out about their past do now?

           Another problem they faced was the serious lack of money. After his fake death, the military pension checks stopped coming. But he knew that was going to happen, but it was still a big bite, even for that time. The government was very generous in their pension to “Solid Snake”. After all, he had intimate details about their dirty dealings and their quest to acquire Metal Gear. The pension was just so he would keep his mouth closed about all of it.

However once it became public knowledge that “Solid Snake” was alive and well, all his financial records were confiscated and any money collected though both life insurance and government benefits were used to pay back the considerable debts caused by the Big Shell Incident. Thankfully, Hal could manage to wrangle up enough money for them to live comfortably, but there was no room for luxuries.

Consequently, David had to temporarily give up smoking or if the money permitted, he had to smoke the worst brand cigarettes. Ugh, this one brand he would go back to was just awful. The tobacco used to make those things must have been rolled around in cow crap before they were processed into cigarettes.

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