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Diary Of A Deranged Fangirl

Destined for greatness or madness

23 January 1978
My name is Aa-chan, at least that what everyone calls me (all all you need to know...), but I have recently moved from my hometown of Philadelphia, PA to roast to death in Tampa, Fl. Also I just graduated from college and I'm now back on the job market after two and a half years... Scary monsters! Both otherwise I love video games, Lolita (Japanese fashion you perverts!), writing, anime, and anime convention hopping. I am engaged to be married, so sometimes I'll talk about the wedding. Most other times its either a bad day I've had, a game I've played, a con I've gone to, and every or anything in between. I am friendly, but deranged is the name of the game here. I talk about any and everything, so read and enjoy!